Man With Autism Lost in San Francisco or East Bay - PLEASE HELP!!!

Tony is found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[13 Jun 2003|11:22am]
just got a call from the police!
he was just picked up by them near pier 39.
he had been missing for just over 24 hours.
i can't even really write right now, i'm too worked up..
i'll post the whole story when i know it.

thanks everybody.. please spread the word.. --Josie

Yesterday (Thursday, 6/12/2003) at 11:00 am, Tony Pedemonte was separated from his support staff in downtown San Francisco and became lost.

Tony is 49 years old and has Autism.  He isn't able to communicate that he's lost. He doesn't know how to get home, doesn't have a concept of money, and will most likely do what someone tells him to do.

He was last seen wearing a light brown corduroy jacket, a beige baseball cap with a pig on it, hiking boots, a plaid flannel shirt and dark pants and he carries a dark green backpack.  He has salt and pepper short hair, mostly gray.  Tony has blue eyes, is 5' 8" tall, has short legs, and a long torso.

Tony has a stiff way of walking, repeats things or hums to himself and sometimes echoes what you say to him.  Tony is a funny, great guy, and isn't threatening in any way.

Tony was last seen yesterday (thursday, 6/12) morning at 11:00 am near Powell Street BART Station in San Francisco. The police were immediately notified and a search party has been looking for him every since. There were several Tony sightings during the day around the Embarcadero waterfront, Pac Bell Park and around 3rd and Market. He is apparently trying to take a Muni train somewhere, and it looks like he keeps getting on trains and then getting off again. Tony lives in Berkeley, and may be trying to take a train home, so keep an eye out in the East Bay as well, especially around Berkeley, North Berkeley and Downtown Oakland.

If you think you have seen this man call any of the numbers below, or simply call 911 in San Francisco.  The San Francisco Police Department has a missing person investigation in progress.

Tony's Support Staff
Julie 510.919.4075
Laurel 510.978.5368